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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lights Camera Action

I have just returned from a weekend trip down to Portland again. The weather was great and it was just cool enough to cope with all of ther community fairs that were happening. We stayed at the Hotel Fifty which is right on the river and got to walk late at night listening to the musicians who congregate there.

This time the trip concentrated on the Hawthorne District which is full of Arts and Crafts homes and a very alternative community. Everyone gardens and the whole neighbourhood seemed to be out participating in a car free community street fair. Music. dreadlocks and dancing.

We met Dale, a self confessed accumulator, who was selling off his stuff. He sold me a butterfly collection, a naughty picture of a 1940's woman showing her bottom and an amazing cloth he has carried around for years. He says he started accumulating things in the 1980's when his friends started dying from AIDS. The more dead friends the more stuff. Soon all of his friends died and he found that he had to live without them. He is still in terrible grief.

I told him about breast cancer and livng with so many people dead and never knowing. We just hung onto one another for a few hours. We just kept patting one another! Never did find out his last name! But I took his butterflies!

I also bought lights, lights and more lights including a light projector.

Just wait until the culture crawl!

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