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Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking Pictures

I have spent the last few days, when not whining, taking photos of some of my toys in action.
There is this great set of dinosaur skeleton walking toys that are keeping everything amusing.
They cost 50 cents each and come in a collection which is complete. They glow in the dark and they click and buzz when taking their choppy little automaton jouneys. All that has to be done is finding a safe place for them to walk and winding them up.

The dinosaurs live on my kitchen window sill and glow in the dark. They even show up outside the house. So I have invited them to walk all over the house and have ghastly little pets to follow me around.

I also collect textured balls that when squeezed have lights and make noise. They flash and whistle and ring. I can touch them and watch them for shadows when the light changes. they remind me of the cell shapes that are photographed for medical illustrations. I would love to have a floor made out of them or a ball room like they have at IKEA.

Today is my son's twenty sixth birthday. I am going to make him strawberry shortcake like moon scapes. He has given me an hour of his time to feed him and bother him. He is practically middle aged and his brothers are saying things like..."when I was your age..." This makes me feel ancient.

I refered to a "young" woman the other day as "you young people" and swallowed my teeth. She was only forty! A meer youth nearing menopause. GAAWWDD!

Now I have to go look for my glasses. Perhaps they could buzz, whir and walk towards me when I get close to them.

Will download the pictures tonight along with some new little drawings from my sketch book.

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