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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Burning Fushcia

Beach Fire Oregon 2007 Tim Hurley

So much time has been spent burning things in the last few days that my eyes are red and sore.

I wear glasses to work and a Darth Vader like mask. Fans are blowing full force and the 8 feet windows are open. The smoke keeps getting stuck inside my glasses. Goggle don't work very well because visibility is very low.

The work is tiny, precise and compulsive. Little dot after little dot for hours.
Switching to the paper mache works but that means getting soggy and gloppy.
Tim left for England last night. This is an opportunity to get lots of work done. But I am missing him today. We have spent so much time together in the last few years.

So I will rest my eyes, eat some chocolate, have some tea and bring out the sketch books to check out some new inspiration and work through it.
Son Chris and Vashti showed up yesterday and gave me a beautiful wooden chocolate pot from Peru.

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