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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Penelope and Thirteen Men Ruth Scheuing

Dust Storm in the Gobi Desert Ruth Scheuing

Ruth Scheuing was my weaving teacher when I was taking textile courses at Capilano College.
She was and is an amazing teacher who, despite my inability to weave very well, managed to inspire me to think carefully before and during the process of making my stuff.

Her work is wonderful and conceptually challenging. She has a Swiss precision in her work and is completely dedicated to "doing". Her life is integrated and she lives in a big, beautiful house in Strathcona that is full of her and her partner's, Michael Lawlor, art and works in process.

Ruth is currently concerned with weather. Extreme weather and is weaving images of cyclones, North Sea ice break up, cyclones and large forest fires with images from GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and satellite systems. She describes this as a mapping of her daily life and a meditation practise. She is interested in blurring the lines between global perspective and movement in a domestic space.

She has woven images of Ida Lovelace and Penelope. She has made a series of enormous metal dresses and has considered contemporary and historical imagery in women's and environmental issues.

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