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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fariba Fariba

Fariba Mirzaie fashion designer and Ruth Scheuing my beloved teacher and weaver

Fariba's Fashions

All day I have been curled up in pain from an earache.

I had the best day yesterday because Gayla and Rebecca made an amazing cous cous for supper.

This morning I woke up ragged and wrecked. Nothing has helped.

In the middle of this my lovely Fariba called. She has been in Iran for the last year and has returned with energy and plans. She has already talked me into taking part in some new shows.

I am just so relieved she is home again.

Fariba was part of my circle at Capilano College and is an amazing fashion designer. She bops around Europe and Iran and brings back wonderful ideas and colours. She has made me some of my favourite clothing and never lets me go shabby.

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