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Friday, September 7, 2007

One Hundred Posts

Forest Tim Hurley Patricia Chauncey

It is my one hundreth posting birthday!!!

No time has gone by at all and somehow I have managed to make one hundred entries.

I have decided to consider more carefully what it is I am writing and to give a little more time and analysis to the artists I am discussing. A little more time and consideration can be given to describing my own work and textile process and community.

This year and the last few years have been spent surviving and then healing from breast cancer.

Energies and capacity are now starting to return and I know not to take these things for granted. Life and what we get to do with it can be done with purpose.

I am now overwhelmed with invitations for new shows. Inspiration is bountiful. A new practicum student named Joseph will be starting soon. The studio is working out quite well right now.

The latest invitation I received is for a new show called "rad-i-cle"

Canvas Gallery

rad-i-cle (rd-kl)

1. the first part of a seedling (a growing plant embryo) to emerge from the seed during the process of germination.

2. part of the plant embryo that develops into the primary root

Canvas Gallery is looking for new work for the upcoming September exhibition based on the theme "rad-i-cle".

We are a new gallery located at 91 Alexander St. Our aim is to exhibit Vancouver based artists dedicated to their practise.

We are open to your interpretation of this theme and welcome three dimensional, two dimensional and new media installations (provided you support the technology specific to your work.) Series based submissions will be considered.

Please submit your artists statement and up to five samples of your work in JPEG format.

Deadline: September 12,2007 by 4:00 pm

Submissions and questions to artsubmissions@canvasartgallery.ca

This sounds very possible.

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