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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hidden Poems.

Globes with hidden poems 2007
Patricia Chauncey

Today I burnt, mached. stitched foamed. painted and burned the globes. I formed little poems that are hidden in them. No one will ever find them because they are buried and placed in different layers. Only I know where they are and what they say. That will be forgotten soon.

Each globe has at least one hidden treasure that will never be revealed or found because the secret becoimes part of the whole. It allows me a break in the obsessive construction and application of the surface texture and marks.

Now my living room looks as if a strange bird nested here. The studio is full of completed ones.

Tomorrow the gut arrives and so does all the silk. Deadlines will be met.

I am sick today with a hideous sore throat. Good news is the garbage strike is over and they are coming to pick up the garbage tomorrow for the first time in three months! I am actually fairly proud to say that we have one garbage can, a leaf collector and one garbage bag full of stuff.

Tonight we will mine through it and pull out anything recyclable.

Things learned from the garbage strike.

1. Our family makes a lot less garbage than I thought.
2. I love my city workers.
3. There are lots more leaves falling from the trees than remembered.
4. Rats like to lick food wrappers. They also breed quickly.
5. People can get used to the smell of anything.
6. Take out food makes up a huge part of our garbage.
There is a poem hidden in the garbage container and it too will be forgotten.


Quilt Pixie said...

While your learning might have come from a situation you didn't want, they are worthwhile learnings however you arrived at them :-)

material witness said...

We missed our garbage collectors but we have nearly pined away for our librarians.

All will recieve roses for surviving this strike.