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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

White on White

Globe 2007 (detail)
Paper Mache, rice paper, the "Georgia Strait", rice paste, pyrography
Patricia Chauncey

Some meetings with Gallery owners and curators go much better than others. It is great when the meeting results in inspiration and a new perspective on your work.
I had a meeting like that yesterday. Things were revealed to me about the stack of work.

For some reason, as yet unknown to me, the style of my work has been changing and feeling more integrated with other things in my life. The new work is more subtle and made with a more deliberate hand. The materials being used are still being pushed to an inch of existence
but have a more coral and shell like appearance. The skins are reflecting more inner light. The colour palette has become quite subtle and muted. Don't get me wrong. Things still rip, tear, burn and explode but they are starting to become less hoopla and more believable.

I could see a progression in the work yesterday and was reminded of reading an old journal out loud to someone.The end result of the meeting was me feeling more determined to explore more subtle aspects of the visuals while holding what I have learned during the last few years.

All textile methods are extreme. Take a thread, turn it into a cloth, change it's colour, cut it up,
alter it. But there is something to be said about leaving a little something to the imagination.

The end result of the meeting is a chance to explore both a new gallery and a slightly different and more honest perspective on my work.

How lovely is that!

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arlee said...

"Al textile mediums are extreme..." I like that. Never thought about it in that context but it's so true. Bend it, break it, burn it.