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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plagues of Egypt

Serpent Skin 2006 Brendan Hurley New York Museum of Natural History

I am working on my CSI challenge today and have changed my theme of overwhelming fear to
the prevailing fears of our society. I guess I liken these to the plagues of Egypt.

I have been listening to a great friend lately who feels very upset by the situations caused by irresponsible decisions by corporations and governments. Global warming, housing shortages, drugs and disease. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by information about terrifying predictions. She compared what is happening to more biblical times and prediction.

She is a Jew. I am an atheist/ agnostic/ Unitarian. The stories and fears, however, are often prempted by fanatical forecasting. They don't allow us to consider solutions as carefully
I have decided my work will be about these fears. Nothing bigger and to be completed by tomorrow!

Plagues include rivers turning to blood, pestilence, boils, frogs, locust, nasty beasts etc...By tomorrow!


arlee said...

LOVE it. :} (So to speak)

material witness said...

Every plague rained down on me today. Everything turned to yuck and my arm ceased up.

Tomorrow will be a better day.