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Monday, October 22, 2007

I love it when a gallery has a decent contract and go about things in a professional manner.

I just hate, however, pricing my work. It is fairly unique and there is obsessive detail in most pieces. Sometimes the pieces I like least have sold for the most money. Sometimes people whine about paying for something that has taken unbelievable hours to create. Usually something I love and treasure.

I have enough work I like not to feel worried about the show at Numen Gallery. The other artists who will be showing there this year are people I consider to be some of the best in Vancouver. Alice Phillips is a wonderful felter and Jeina Morosoff is my favourite glass artist ever! Celine has taken time to consider carefully who she will show and certainly has a similar aesthetic to my own.

Meanwhile... back to the ranch to finish wrapping gut around twisted vines to create little globes for inside the cases and jars. One of them is made with laminated rose petals and stuffed with silk worm cocoons. I am very happy with how they look.

Very excited about my opening on Saturday.

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