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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paper Folding

Yvonne Wakabayashi can fold things and never look disheveled.

The last few days, terrifying experiences aside, have been spent folding paper.
Then tearing paper and ripping and cutting paper and plastering it on globes and large forms.
These gloppy tasks have been done to provide bases for the new sculptures.

Experiments with new bonding materials have resulted in a different surface to play with.

Everything is taking a long time to dry and the application for preparation is becoming a bit tedious. Production work has never been a forte and rebelliousness starts to creep in with feelings of becoming a bit of a machine. This probably developed as a result of those doll making days producing volume for craft fairs years ago.

Madeline Woods has now left for her holiday in Cypress. She encouraged me to enjoy the task of art making before leaving. She paints beautiful and extremely detailed botanical images and explores colour and texture with enormous patience.

Hilary worked in the studio alone today. I usually love working with her and hearing stories about Scotland. But I sat in the armchair and destroyed livingroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
Tim came home to a very grumpy partner, covered in gloop, with unidentifiable
objects stuck to eyebrows and more hidden body parts. Paper is stuck to my barefeet.

Tomorrow I apply the fourth and fifth layers. Burning won't even start to happen until Saturday if things dry quickly.

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