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Monday, August 13, 2007


The globe is finished. It was a successful experiment and is exactly what was expected.
It has been ages since I completed something that took a full month of work. Stamina builds stamina!

The other globes are now in process. The problem being that I can't gas my studio partners or neighbours, Oona Clothing, because they are working to heavy deadline and don't need to deal with my fumes. All of the silicone has had to come home for the tiny pods and skins. Home is just distracting.

Yesterday my studio mate Jay Rudolph and her momma worked like fiends getting ready for needle lace workshops. They are so organized and professional. They made lace pillows and kits for everyone in the workshop and provided a full kit for the classes at the Gibson's Fibre Festival. She did a t.v. interview this morning with citytv. I hope it went well.

I stayed up last night and watched my niece's wedding on the show" Wedding SOS".
She was pregnant, had a hyper mother in -law, and a brat of a husband. I like hubby a lot. He is very warm and sweet and Melissa is a little peach. I was a gleaming and proud aunt in the church and they got a great shot of my back, her step mother's bosoms, and her father looking wistful. Mostly the show was taken up with the wedding planner whining. I just remember her getting in every one's way.

Now there is a little baby and a happy little family.

Today I just figure out how I am buying the Good Eats Gallery in Wells. On Friday I was informed that it was gonna cost a further $10,000 in GST tax. Lawyers, notaries, real estate people, vendors and purchasers and accountants. All too much for my fuzzy brain and poor pocket book. Jeannie Kamins, the fabric artist/ realtor, has educated me in the process. She is working on political pieces about uranium and is finding ways for artists to have studios. She will get a nice dinner for this!

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