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Sunday, August 26, 2007


There is an interesting little struggle going on at the studio. It is about fumes.

The William Street Building has a number of studios that are divided by pony walls. The studio spaces are reasonably priced and fairly large. We are aware of one another when we work.

I have been working with a wood burning tools with windows wide open and fans going. It smells a little like burnt cookies. I have also worked with silicone and some glues which are probably more solvent based.

One of the other studio tenants has complained that there is a burnt wax smell in the building lately and that batiking is forbidden! I haven't fessed up because I am not working with wax.

Dale, a painter, has had complaints regarding the smell of his oil paint. Lilias got a complaint when she was ironing fabric.

Some of the "artists" are really more like manufacturers. They are in the building all the time and produce commercial product in volume. Others work with digital stuff. Downstairs has an upholstery place and someone who fixes cars.

I don't blame people for being careful with fumes but it reminds me of people who move into the country and try to shut down working farms because cows and garden manure stink.

I think I'll push for an area with a hooded fan and proper sinks. Maybe stinky people should all be in one end of the building.
Speaking of stinky... this city is now one month into the garbage strike. Garbage is piling up everywhere and the rodents are showing up for feasts.

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