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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No More

The "Good Eats Gallery" in Wells, B.C. is no longer my reality.

We withdrew from the deal this morning after a long period of uncertain time waiting for answers and information. The extra costs associated with the gallery weren't planned for. It was just one last straw in our decision making process.

Tim has had to take on so much of the responsibility for all of this and we still might have some legal costs to excuse us from the purchase.

Tim is very sad about it but I have a sense of relief. I don't really want to become real estate poor again at this age. I like having a little money to play with and I don't want to give up my studio in Vancouver. I love my studio partner and the other artists in the building.

Wells is an amazing community and maybe I'll get there at some point. Now is not the time or this would have been much easier.

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