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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Studio Day

GIFT OF MYSELF Patricia Chauncey 2005
Flogger made with artist's human and synthetic hair 5 feet long Indigo dyed and devore silk velvet wrapping cloth.

The weather is very temperate today. The Williams Street Studio has been about 100 degrees but the weather has been rainy and overcast so it is possible to get some work done.

Today I did a serious burn and got about 1/3 of one of the globes done. I paper mached big balls and will be able to do a wrap tomorrow. Burning will continue if the weather holds. Not so hot that things dry too quickly and crack; not so humid that things go moldy before they dry.

Tonight I will do a silicone dip for one of the more complex spheres. The larger table will be required for the silicone skin body bag and it can't be done until my cute little assistant helps this week. More monkey and muscle but fairly methodical and energetic. The samples have held up beautifully but the image transfers keep altering.

The hot weather is great for the paper casts. A large hive cast is in order if it heats up again.

I am so glad that I listened to Barry Goodman regarding figuring out how to return to my more visceral work and communicate some of what I learned while trying too hard on "Sordid Details". I have to remember that I was really sick and medically altered. A good recipe for creative frustration and upset. I am happy now and so much better.

The pupae are working out better than expected and I really love playing in goo and burning things.

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