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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hanky Panky

Donkey Hanky from http://www.hankybouquet.net/

I feel like a raw thing. The last few days have been exhausting to me and I have accelerated that into worrying about everything and picking on Tim.

I feel like I haven't done things but I can't remember what they are. I feel like my studio partner is annoyed with me and she isn't even there. I missed my studio play date with Hilary and I really needed it. I even missed seeing my little cousin Kat because of legal stuff yesterday.

Probably the old butt just needs to be taken to the studio and forced to work.
I will just miss deadlines if I don't do it. I feel so distracted and overly sensitive.

At least my ma, Katy, has contacted me and she will be home in few days. I feel grumpy about how long she has been gone but I talked with my brother George tonight and he sounds positive about her trip. His life sounds great. She sounds just fine.

Extreme textile of the day is a self indulgent hanky to blubber in...Boo Hoo.

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