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Friday, August 10, 2007


Nathan Sawaya Sculpture from Lego Bricks

Lego was the most important toy that my brothers and I received as children. Hours were spent planning and constructing and knocking apart many structures. My own children scattered the hard little bricks, like shrapnel, all through the house when they were growing up. Midnight bathroom runs were fraught with the danger of stepping on these sharp little menaces. The boys weren't allowed toy guns and figured out how to create intricate ones from the tiny bricks. My father was once in intensive care and asked for Lego bricks to help him work through his situation and the problems of designing a building he'd been working on.

Nathan Sawaya takes Lego building to another realm entirely. He was once a corporate lawyer and gave up big bucks to become a designer for Lego. He now earns $13 bucks an hour and creates Lego miracles.

More sculptures can be seen at www.brickartist.com

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