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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flesh Decays

"flesh" Patricia Chauncey mixed process embroidery (detail)

Today I looked up on the wall where "flesh" was hanging and saw that it was deteriorating.
Hunks of the carefully worked surfaces have fallen away. It looks like the heat from the studio wall has melted some of the "indestructible hold anything " glues. It looked so safe but imposing hanging over my sewing table. Under the table were flakes, crumbles and chunks.

Fabric is a temporary thing. It is not meant to last forever. I just thought we'd have a little more time together... that's all!

I made "flesh" when I was contracting in the film industry as a precision dyer and breakdown artist on shows like the X Files and The Outer Limits. There was either a load of waiting time or non-stop work. One of my days was actually 23 hours long. Downtime could last for weeks. Materials were hauled out and "flesh" was the result of a sleep deprived and adrenaline rushed week.

It is made with an old shower curtain, insulating tyvec, rice paper, natural rust dyed silks, bubble wrap, 3-D mediums, tea, acrylic medium, bee's wax, and cola.

Every morning a group of old Chinese woman do Tai Chi in the little park near this house. One morning I was burning a 14 foot piece of tyvec and it was twisting and turning in my hands. They came screaming over and climbed on the porch to watch the gyrations and my ecstasy. They named it "Dragon Flesh". I just called it "flesh.

A local paper referred to " flesh" as "something dug up from the earth or the human body and exposed to daylight". I think it was also something referred to as something from an "anti-smoking ad".

Perhaps it wasn't the heat but the cola. Mom always said it would dissolve anything!

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