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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hilary Saves The Day.

Hilary has some of the magic emulsion. Not quite the same but almost. She saves my tail once again.

I called Michaels and asked if they had white "Puffy" and they did. Drove all the way to North Vancouver. They had black "Puffy"! Bought it anyways for reverse printing and to foil and paint further. Discovered a pewter metallic paint that works well with a textured ground.

Opus showed me how to make a glass crumble with heavy body gel. Can be made more matte and smokey with the addition of a little gouache.

You will find me in the garden with my hammer smashing broken glass. Do you realise how fine you can pulverise safety glass? It still maintains a crystalline form. Smashed glass beads also work well. So do the cheap and dirty ones.

Once again inventing a thing or two for this show.

All that is needed is a life and death deadline challenge! With the addition of 10 foot banners all over the mine.

Tim turned me into a "nice" woman again by feeding me picnic in a cool breeze at "New Brighton Beach". I might make him a pie now that the saskatoons are ripe.

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