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Friday, July 1, 2011


Rust cotton broadcloth day 5

Striation sample post industrial felt, stenciling, heat processed

Happy Canada Day!

Very rewarding so far.

Almost all the tools I needed were available. Everything I touched worked out.
Most samples will be ready for tomorrow's meeting with the Britannia Mining Museum and Squamish Art's Council curator Krisztina Egyed.

Leave on Sunday with an armload of stitching. Flying up to meet Tim and then dismantle the Quesnel Art Gallery show Hive, Rust and Bone. Go look at the ranch and the Well's house and meet with Jason, Claire and Bill to find out what else is going on. Check in with everyone and drive the hundreds of miles home.

Filming starts on July 12 now. Don't feel prepared at all. Oh well!

Starving and need to find something to chew on! Time for a walk.

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