Material Witness will focus on extreme textile process. Images will be posted here showing the history of my work, new work, developing projects and inspiration.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Metal Globes

Globe parts from last night
Globe from Wonderland Show
Inspirational surface Abalone shell
Globes for
Detail globe
Inspirational object - core samples
Detail of sample for globes
Inspirational object - pumice stone

Spent until late last night painting and forming little metallic globes. Finally a neighbour complained about the noise of my heat gun. Isn't as loud as a hair dryer but he is a good neighbour and looked exhausted so that was it.

Looked at the globes this morning and will need to work up the surface texture a little. Today is assembly for the large lanterns for tomorrow's delivery.

Did medical labs this morning and miraculously had a 15 minute wait instead of the normal 1 1/2 hours. Two needles only! Brought sketch books and artist statements with me. But didn't climb into them at all.

Tim helped me haul home 3 trunks full of supplies and has now moved his desk to the basement. Says he isn't lonely with the grinding of the washing machine. He looks much better. The man from under the stairs.

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