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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Best news today is that Rebecky and Richard's baby was born. He is a Jewish baby boy so he won't have a name for 7 days. He is really, really small. Only about 5 lbs. But there is hope. I was born at a little less than 5 lbs and no one can call me delicate. Strange holding tiny babies after my big ones. One was born at nearly 9 lbs. and one was 8. Little unknown has ferocious lungs. No new born baby mewing for him!

Worked hard today and produced an interesting new series of orbs for the Britannia Mine Museum show, Underneath. Lots of work left to do but the theme is established, the sampling has gone for photographs, and the gallery has been designed.

Had a wonderful meeting with the curator Kris Egyed and her husband Jim. They came for a visit and experienced what happens in my house when an art bomb hits it. Nothing like trying to find a place to sit when textiles, machines and inspirational bits like my rust gardens are everywhere. Add the coming show equipment like huge shadow frames and unpacking from the last show. Every single art thing is moving out of the house and back to the studio. The flood renewed my paranoia.

Jim crawled into a corner of my big comfy couch and promptly fell asleep, Kris landed in the armchair and I did show and tell. Nothing like a responsive audience.

Have definitely found some new kindred spirits.

So it is laundry tonight and packing for the flight out at the crack of dawn. My sweet friend has booked in for breakfast and driving me very early to the airport. Hotel and dinner booked in Quesnel. Decided to book in early and have a long swim, a long read and a long nap before Tim arrives from Fort Nelson. It has felt like a very long month.

Have my sketch book and camera so am properly armed for inspiration.

One extra day in Wells. Finally a break and time to play.

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