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Thursday, July 28, 2011

One more week and the last summer 2011 show will be installed. Amazing.

Went out to Squamish and set up the pieces for "Into the Woods". The show itself is in the Squamish Arts Council Gallery and looks amazing. Krisztina Egyed chose some gorgeous work for the show.

I love wood as a medium and was completely thrilled that Martin Thorne's work is interacting with mine. His huge sculpture "War of the Worlds" and his thorn work and carving of logs took the knees out from under me. Beautiful!!!!!!!

There was so much to look at and a delicious mix of First Nation artists and others.

Krisztina, Jim, Martin, Tim helped so much last night. Big, big thanks for the heavy lifting, transportation, glass polishing and lending eyes to the little installation.

I stood in the cool air and the very dark night and took in a deep breath of sweet forest air. Forgot who I was for a moment... proceeded to throw a little breathing fit without my puffer.
Need to move to the desert...

The opening is tonight and I am not sure if I can make it yet. A clinic day and we will see how I do.

And Elliot from Clothworks really did manage to perform miracles and get part of my emulsions from Montreal. They are here! Now I can silkscreen all night if I want.

Dr. visit successful Levels have dropped by half, weight loss incredble. Got a hug from my Doc and didn't do anything but put up with this medication. It is so working! Finally.

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