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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ranch Flowers

All wild flowers from the ranch near Quesnel.

Tim left early this morning for Fort Nelson. He did so much this week helping me with the show and organizing the next one. He works far too hard. He has been gone now for nearly a year and is starting to talk about coming home. We shall see. But I know it would be much harder to do my art without his wonderful support.

I think he is really excited about the beautiful ranch. He started planning projects for it already.

The day is beautiful and the burn shelter is cool enough for me to work in. Lots to do. Have started the process of accelerated patination on copper using household materials like ammonia. It certainly stinks. I should be able to do a silk immersion with it this afternoon. Now have lots of copper in full oxidization. The rust gardens and objects are ready to go for filming tomorrow.

Silk screening this morning. Lots of burning to do today. The new butane torches will be used.
Will also set up a cotton burial in the back garden. Will stage one for tomorrow and haul up both the copper boiler and the old washtub now full of rusty bits and rust turned to powder.

Some of the pieces are looking quite interesting and the layering is working. It is time to start a very cautious printing with graphite powder. And then leaf printing with my hammer on silk.

The challenge is to be reserved with the last few steps. Take it one step too far and it might not be reversed!

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arlee said...

goddamn i wish i could be in your backyard with ya, Missus!!!!