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Friday, July 29, 2011

When Does?

When does family show up from out of town? When you are deadlining!
When does difficulty with friends need to be solved? When you are deadlining!
When do your kids and spouse get pissy? When you are deadlining!

When do you become completely indispensable? The washing machine break? The car gets a flat?

Soon Patty Pie needs a nap!

She also needs a kind word, a back rub and needs to stop being a complete pain in the butt diva! Taking all ego out of this, setting limits and not cooking dinner but taking everyone out for a meal would help. Asking people to call first is a good idea. Moving back into the studio is the best yet!

And "we wanted to see how you really lived" is a very rude statement. What does that mean anyways? That I am not a good woman or wife? That I am here at your beck and call?

"We didn't want you to fuss!" Not true at all... I always fuss but
I AM WORKING! I don't come to your office and disrupt you...

Art bomb it is. Serve on a plate! No self consciousness this time. Find a place in this mess if you can and phone next time. I hope you go home with thread in your teeth and paint on your bum.

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arlee said...

NARF narf narf NARF narf----yes!!!