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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Fastest time we had returning from Wells ever. After a good nights sleep in Quesnel and a very weird meeting with the bank. It turns out they want 40% down for an "unserviced " property!

We actually offered to get two mortgages with them after deciding to put an offer on the farm and the house in Wells. Tim hasn't done the taxes yet. Bad, bad boy! They looked down on his lack of organization. Didn't really look at the assets, earnings and other properties and lack of debt besides mortgages...no...they looked at the unfinished income tax.

The journey began after doing a serious bop on the head to my spouse. Fueled by an argument about who was supposed to do what! We started to laugh by Williams Lake. Too tired for drama.
The rest of the visit was so inspiring and lovely. Decided to explore another way and at least make an offer on the farm. It will happen. There are always 1000 solutions to a challenge!

Up early and planning the day. It is already gorgeous out. Will unpack everything from the show to the studio and get the looms moved finally.

Bill gave me his heat press. Perfect timing because the old one is really worn and I was going to buy a new one. Cranky expensive.

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arlee said...

hoofies crossed for you and the guy and the farm!! (and for me to visit :) )