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Friday, July 15, 2011

In The Burn Shed

Printed and heat blasted
printed and heat blasted experiment with a real hive
Rusted surface
Rocks, rust and stuff
In the burn shed- inspirational objects and rust gardens
Rust for shibori
Rust garden Day 2
Copper sheet with ammonia and h2o induced patina
Baby plants have now provided 3 salads.

Progress with the nest and nurturing guardian. Can't believe it lets me take pictures!

This week's work has really been about nurturing and patience.

My son Bren had a birthday yesterday at the Carthage Cafe. He introduced me to St. Ambroise, a sweet apricot beer. So good with the cous-cous. Came back to the house for birthday pear tart and chai with Baileys. We talked about traditions like birthdays and weddings. He talked about breaking traditions and about how he thought most weddings sucked. On cue Meg pulled out a little velvet box and told us all to be quiet.

"Bren I have something I have been meaning to ask you".

The whole restaurant went silent. The waiters surrounded the table.

He looked at her horrified when she asked him to open the box.

None of us moved. All completely shocked and embarrassed. Bren lost all colour in his face and looked wide eyed and stunned.

.....inside was a Darth Vader ring!

The whole place exploded!!!!

Have now started the new rust gardens. The patina is slowly forming on the copper in a way that should work. Gathering and collecting more metals and stone so I can see what they are.

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