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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Middle Of The Night

It is the middle of the night. I am stitching and printing to get ready for tomorrow. Tim leaves Monday morning after what has felt like a very short visit. This show gets delivered on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

I sadly missed the opening at the Squamish Arts Council "Out of the Woods" event but have heard that the opening was packed. Also heard that my work was well received. Feedback is always appreciated. Negative or positive.

The people at the Britannia Mine have decided that we are going to do a closing and not an opening for my show. They are having a large community arts event called "Copper and Fire" the day the show opens on August 7th. Have decided it will be fun whenever it is. The show will be up for a couple of months and the show at the S.A.C. will be up for three months.

So am now printing with chemicals that cause iron to rust. Looked at the concoction today and now wonder if I can leave some of the nastier chemical soup out and just use a high iron content emulsion or suspend rust scrapings in one of the more organic emulsions made of soy. It should work if the rusting process gets started and allow for more control in the printing process.
Won't try it tonight because there isn't time to change my process for this show. But the first of the next set of experiments.

Ended up enjoying the family evening after all. Ate a yummy African dinner at Simba's and had a good conversation. Tired enough to enjoy some of the power dynamics with my sons. Each one powerful in their own right in the world but with an established pecking order in the family. The eldest still the king. The youngest seeking approval from him. Papa Tim wisely and kindly including everyone. Me finally able to stay right out of it (almost). No longer needing to wipe a nose or have someone sit up straight. Hard to imagine that 27 years of intense parenting is over.
And that the next family celebration will include another generation as Breana moves into the last trimester of her pregnancy.

No real plans for the next project. Have a few things on simmer. But I really need a break and some contemplative time. Time to just consider the cracks in the wall.

Single focus and purpose for now.

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